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I saw you at your worst and I stayed. You saw me at my best and you still left.

God should have made girls lethal when he made monsters of men.

E. H.  (via perfect)

The mouth should have three gatekeepers. Is it true? Is it kind? And is it necessary?

— Arab Proverb (via setbabiesonfire)

You were never a stranger to me. I always felt I knew you. You didn’t want me and I was mad for a long time but now I see that you could never be with someone like me. I know you don’t hate me either. I have not seen you in years but I always think about you. I hope you’re alive. I don’t know anyone who knows you. I’m moving pretty fast these days but I think of you still.

Henry Rollins. (via sorrowmaven)


I miss you, but fuck you.

I want to text you. Just to remind you that I’m still here. But then I remember that you know I’m here. You just don’t care.

— Midnight thoughts (I won’t do this again)


i hate it when u stop being friends w someone or u break up w someone cos uve got all this information about them like at the back of ur mind like their birthday or their favorite game or whatever, and even years later things will come up and you’ll think about that person and its like. oh. and it never really Stops

God dammit, you were it.

You were everything I wanted.

— things I should have said when you left (via famousdelrey)

That’s okay, I’m used to it.

— 6-word story by gestured (via gestured)